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Manchester City are now 278 points clear at the top of the Premier League.
Gary Lineker@GaryLineker

Very nice to see Roy Hodgson as a guest at Julian Barnes’ book launch tonight. In his speech Barnes said that when they first met, he wanted to talk to Roy about football. Roy wanted to discuss the state of the contemporary British novel.
Richard Williams@rwilliams1947

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Chelsea sign Giroud – fans react

Giroud cheated on his girl and apologised to his teammates and fans on twitter. No one will ever top that, you won’t get that for any oil money in the world

F***ing hell, The stuff I’ve seen about Giroud today. You’d think Pele had just been sold.
Andy‏ @yorkshiregunner

Sanchez joins rivals United “he’s a snake”. Giroud joins rivals Chelsea ” he’s a legend and deserves respect.”

Olivier Giroud’s beard is surely worth £18 million alone, it’s a magnificent piece of art
Molly Shepherd-Boden@MollyShep

F1 to stop using grid girls – fans react

Apart from taking away the earning potential for these women, has anyone asked their opinion about it? Its just another example of loony political correctness serving itself, whats next-no champagne on the podium just in case people think that its promoting alcohol? Stupid move

We are living in the age of a new Puritanism.

Personally I really liked seeing very attractive women walking around the grid.
Marcus Aurealis

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Mesut Ozil signs new Arsenal contract – fans react

Those criticising Özil and his new huge wages, let’s not forget he has created more chances than any other player in the BPL since he joined; in arguably a team that hasn’t quite hit the heights it was capable of… imagine having Kane in front of him and not Welbeck or Theo…Arsenal fan.

He got his cash, bless.
Red Robbo

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West Brom sign Daniel Sturridge on loan – reaction

“Sturridge arrived for his medical by helicopter, his hospital bed was slung under an RAF Chinook borrowed for the day.”
Peter Larvan

“If Inter Milan was also on the table I can’t understand why he wouldn’t want to take on the challenge of another country and another league. Staying in the PL seems like the easy choice.”
Mordor Tourist Board

“Get the band aids ready WBA”

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Spurs agree fee for PSG’s Lucas Moura – fans react

“Not a spurs fan, and it is the French league, but a goal or assist nearly every other game is impressive. Good signing.”
Dino Scaramanga

“He’s a quality player who wasn’t given a fair shake of the stick at money bags PSG. He’ll fit in at Spurs just fine. A good signing and a sensible bit of business by Spurs.”

“Good price. Remember when he was almost as hyped as Neymar, but he’s probably the Brazilian Walcott now”
Nico Rosberg

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Beckham launches MLS team in Miami – fans react

“”I’m excited to bring this great team to this great city …”. What great team is that then?”

“I don’t see the point. It would be like trying to establish an NFL team in Inverness.”

“I hope he choses a pun name like Sexual Ealing or The Harlow Globetrotters.”

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Aubemayang transfer – fans react

“Arsenal have asked Diane Abbott to step in and deal with the Aubemayang transfer and we have now made an offer of £470 Billion.” – CO‏@Offs73

“Apparently Gazidis tried to include Wenger in the swap deal for Aubemayang and understandably the Germans said Nein danke!” – DövidG‏@Greatgooner

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Bennett challenge on Sane – fans react

“Warnock – blaming the City players for the tackles – they were just too fast for us he said – so what, you had to smash them high and studs up to try and break their legs – because they were just too fast? Pathetic management, archaic views with no place in the game.” – Bob

“Cue his manager claiming “he’s not that kind of player”. He was (twice) yesterday. The ref was God-awful from start to finish- completely missed a decent game of football – time to go Mr Mason!” – deutschtoffeston

“I’m not a Man City fan but Guardiola is right. That was assault, it wasn’t a tackle from Bennett on Sane. Could have snapped the poor blokes leg. There is a big difference between “letting a player know you’re there” and a Kung Fu kick.” – johnny the fox